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Murchinson Takes Action to Replace Board of Directors of Nano Dimension at Upcoming Annual General Meeting

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The Time to Save Nano Dimension is Now

We have submitted proposals for inclusion on the agenda for Nano Dimension’s upcoming Annual General Meeting on September 7, 2023. Following Nano’s unlawful exclusion of some of our proposals, the remaining proposals effectively seek:


The removal of all members of the Board, including those who are not up for re-election at the Annual Meeting;


The election of three new independent direct or nominees: Ms. Karen Sarid, Mr. Robert (Bob) Pons, Mr. Phillip Borenstein; and


Amending the Company’s Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation to drastically improve its governance including, among other things, the declassification of the Board.

The Current Board Has Lost the Trust of Shareholders – Urgent Change Is Needed in Order to Restore It

Since Yoav Stern’s appointment as Chairman in 2021, the Stern-led Board has overseen share price underperformance, terrible corporate governance and capital allocation missteps.

At the Special Meeting convened by Murchinson on March 20, 2023, Nano Dimension’s shareholders sent a clear message that change was urgently needed on the Company’s Board. In response, Mr. Stern and Nano Dimension have taken every possible step to ignore the will of shareholders and further entrench themselves.

Following Murchinson's Special Meeting Request, the Board:

Commenced litigation in two countries and in three different courts (and filed several appeals) in an attempt to vacate the results of the Special Meeting and deprive shareholders of their votes at the legally scheduled Special Meeting

Poison Pill

Adopted a “poison pill" against the express will of shareholders, who voted against such “poison pill”

Launched a smear campaign against  its two biggest shareholders to avoid addressing the concerns about its malfeasance and troubling status quo

Filed a dilutive registration statement to issue nearly 52 million new shares (21.3% of the  current shares outstanding) in what we believe is a thinly veiled and reactive attempt to place as many shares as possible in friendly hands

Waged an irrational, dead-end campaign to acquire Stratasys Ltd

Refused to acknowledge the outcome of the Special Meeting where shareholders overwhelmingly supported Murchinson’s proposals – including to remove Chairman Stern

Shareholders Cannot be Silenced by Nano Dimension

Murchinson is committed to restoring accountability and ensuring the Board prioritizes protecting value for ALL shareholders, rather than simply furthering Yoav Stern’s legacy.

Murchinson has put forward proposals to improve Nano Dimension’s failed corporate governance by removing all current directors and appointing independent nominees who collectively possess the relevant technology industry, operating, strategic and financial planning, M&A and governance expertise.

The Facts Are Clear

The Stern-led Board’s reign has been defined by significant share price declines, terrible corporate governance, poor capital allocation, and aggressive and disproportionate responses to Murchinson aimed at entrenching current directors at all costs.

Consistent share price underperformance

Poison Pill

Corporate governance failings

Capital allocation missteps

Repeated entrenchment maneuvers

We Want To Hear From You

As one of Nano Dimension’s largest shareholders, we have serious concerns about Mr. Stern. We fear that Mr. Stern will persuade his allies on the Board to approve other extreme measures in the near-term to try to entrench himself and maintain his Stern-controlled Board at the expense of shareholders.

If you have the following concerns, or information, we want to hear from you.

  • Are you equally disturbed by the questionable practices employed by the Company's leadership?
  • Have you witnessed unacceptable behaviors and the signs of a toxic work environment?
  • Are you worried by the persistent erosion of the value of your stock or options?
  • Have you witnessed a clear misuse of the Company’s resources? Nepotism? Conflicts of interests?
  • Do you have concerns with Nano’streatment of its ADS holders, the only publicly traded stock of the Company?

To submit information anonymously about Yoav Stern and his value-destructive board, use the form below.

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